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Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Mineral Resources Management's Abandoned Underground Mine Locator

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Important Notes

1. Welcome to the Abandoned Mines Web Site. This site is a result of my 30-year endeavor in collecting mine information dating back to the 1800's. I am truly happy to now make it available via the World Wide Web. It is a fairly complete mine list for the following counties in Northeast Ohio: Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana. Other counties will be added shortly.

2. Correction: Mahoning and Trumbull map data sheets have a 'UTM' listing. The number is not UTM but State Data Plane (SDP). Columbiana County has been corrected.

3. Better quality copies of any mine map can be aquired through the Ohio Geologic Survey or from me.

4. This site and all of it's content except for the individual mine maps are copyrighted. Individual Mine Maps are public domain.

This site created by
Greg Ricker and Bic Ulrich Geology Students, Youngstown State University
and Ann Harris Geology Professor, Youngstown State Univeristy

This site and its contents are copyrighted 1999
All maps used on this site are public domain. Special thanks to OSG & USGS.

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Last update: Oct 28, 2005

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Special Thanks to Database Originator of the Underground Mines, Geology student Ken Izzo [1990-94]. His critical and tedious work on the datasheets and computer program to generate the information is a priceless work of genius. Also to former English student Ted Williams [1995-98] who entered in a lot of mine data and archived numerous important mine documents and books. And the biggest thanks to former Geology student Greg Ricker who designed this sites and compiled the data to bring the site on line in 1999.

Contact Site Manager Ted Williams for questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this Site.