Integration of Teaching and Learning, Scholarship and Research, and Service

1.1 Collaborative Projects: Campus and the Community

Public events cosponsored by the Black Studies Program included a community viewing of the film Amistad; a demonstration by Nigerian textile designer Uemisi Adegoke; a workshop entitled "Juvenile Delinquency in the African American Community: Early Identification and Solutions;" the unveiling of a plaque honoring 17 Black Civil War veterans buried in Oak Hill cemetery; and the African Marketplace.

The Center for Biomedical and Environmental Research provides analytical support for faculty and graduate students, expands undergraduate students' abilities to use highly technical instrumentation, and develops and participates in basic and applied cooperative research projects with area hospitals, government agencies and local industries. The laboratory serves as a valued resource to provide analytical data for faculty and students at area colleges of the consortium. This year 3 of the 33 projects have led to extramural funding.

The Center for Environmental Studies sponsored the production of Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People in collaboration with the Department of Communications and Theater. The project, funded by the Ohio Environmental Education Fund (Ohio EPA), used theater as an educational medium to raise environmental awareness. Theater presentations, combined with environmental forums that included panelists from academia, industry, government, and community groups, were held at YSU, Mount Union College, Washington State Community College, Jefferson Community College, and Cuyahoga Community College.

The Center for Working Class Studies sponsored a lecture series that included journalist Dale Maharidge, sociologist Rick Fantasia, philosopher Iris Young, American Studies scholar Michael Denning, and geographer Don Mitchell. The CWCS also initiated its biannual newsletter that has over 450 readers, and developed its own website that includes an on-line bibliography. Also associated with the website is a discussion group that includes over 110 participants.

The Dale Ethics Center, codirected by Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez and Cynthia Brincat, Philosophy & Religious Studies, supervised 3 students in the Internship in Ethics course; published the newsletter Issues in Ethics; coordinated the 9th Annual Bioethics Conference and the Spring Meeting of the Society for Health and Human Values; and organized the Ethics Lecture Series at YSU featuring lectures by Bill Binning, Political Science; Barbara Brothers, Dean; Dale Harrison, English; Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

The English Festival Committee sponsored its first National Young Adult Literature Conference as part of the 20th anniversary festivities. Major presentations by the 5 Festival authors, an appearance by the publisher of the Books for Young Readers division of BantamDoubledayDell, and about 30 concurrent sessions were a part of the conference, attended by over 200 teachers and scholars in young adult literature from all over the country.

The Islamic Studies Program sponsored the publication of a new quarterly bulletin entitled Tafsir (Qur'an Exegesis), weekly lectures on Qur'an exegesis at the Islamic Center on Harmon Road, weekly Arabic class teaching the language of the Qur'an at the Islamic Center on Woodland Road, and the Islamic Day in Ohio Celebration: Breaking down Barriers with the Aid of History: Muslims Reaching out to Non-Muslims. Dr. Mustansir Mir, Director, represented Islam in the Valley Health 2000 seminar on unwanted pregnancies and was the keynote speaker at the Youngstown Islamic Center's 3rd Annual Community Leadership Appreciation Banquet.

The Poetry Center, directed by Steven Reese, English, hosted 9 readings in the 97-98 year, involving (as readers) students, faculty, and writers of significant national reputation. Readings sponsored included presentations by prize-winning novelist Lewis Nordan, a poetic drama by local writer Jeanne Brynner, a lecture on the history of tattooing by Margot Mifflin, readings by Ivania del Pozo, Ndinzi Masagara, Melissa Smith, Allen Viehmeyer, Department of ForeignLanguages & Literatures, of poetry in four different languages and a reading of poetry and fiction by acclaimed writer Tess Gallagher.

The Ward Beecher Planetarium provides free, quality science information and education by offering shows to the general public and programs for school field trips, hosting programs for special groups, and working cooperatively across campus with other departments. With the McDonough Museum and New Student Relations, it presented programs that served as an introduction to YSU for several hundred 8th graders. With the Department of Geology, the Planetarium acquired the program Destination: Mars! and cosponsored visits by three scientists working on the front lines of the Mars program. With the Dana School of Music and the New Music Society, it provided the setting and multi-media backdrop for a live concert as part of the New Music Festival. A new fund-raising arm of the Planetarium, the Friends of the Planetarium, will be opened to public membership in the fall. The first 2 memberships have already been accepted by comet codiscoverer Tom Bopp and his father.

YSU's first Washington Center Intern was Suzanne French, a dual Spanish/Political Science major who interned in the Spring Quarter with the United States Information Agency. YSU students are able to earn credit at YSU while interning in Washington, D.C. with a variety of government agencies, media outlets and interest groups. The Ohio Legislature permits YSU to name at least 1 scholar per term, who receives a $2,000 scholarship. Currently, Bill Binning, Political Science, serves as YSU's liaison with the assistance of David Porter.

Women's Studies cosponsored with the Department of English and Planned Parenthood of Mahoning Valley a screening and discussion of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, and also cosponsored the Women in Science Workshop.

1.1.1 Public Lectures Sponsored

The American Studies Program cosponsored lectures by Mark Hulsether, University of Tennessee, and Michael Denning, Yale University.

The Black Studies Program cosponsored lectures by Frederick Branch, the first Black Marine officer; Ulysses Boykin, great-grandson of Chesnut Whittaker, one of the first African Americans appointed to West Point; Adriane Bradshaw on "The Evolution of Gospel;" and Naomi Tutu, Director, African Gender Institute, South Africa, and daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The Department of Economics sponsored "What can you do with a major in Economics?" featuring Margy M. Poorman, Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber; Julie Michael, Ohio Department of Development; and Dale Standley, Mutual of New York Insurance Company.

The English Department continued its collaborative program with the Butler Institute of American Art, "American Visions." Readers were Steven Brown, Clyde Moneyhun, James Schramer, Sandra W. Stephan, and Stephanie Tingley, English, and Anne York, History.

The Center for Environmental Studies sponsored a seminar series that included presentations by Michael Crowe, MRB Environmental Services; Peter Hutchinson, The Hutchinson Group Ltd.; Mohammad Chowdhury, Solid Waste Management District, E. Ohio; Emliss Ricks, Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources; Cynthia Petretich, YSU; Frank Markert, ICF Kaiser; Patrick O'Hara, Cumings-Riter Consultants; Joe Gonda, American Waste Systems; and Michael Kangas, McLaren-Hart.

The Arts & Sciences Faculty Forum series included 4 panel discussions entitled "Have We Learned to Solve Environmental Problems in the Last 150 Years?" Panelists from YSU included Lauren Schroeder, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, William Buckler, Geography, and Clyde Morris, Economics. They were joined by Michele Morrone, Patricia Natali and Scott Williams from the Ohio EPA; Laura Lyden, JLT Research; George Peya, Sierra Club; State Senator Robert Hagan; Joseph Gonda, American Waste Systems; Rick Flak, Environmental Awareness Council; Lee Benson, Mahoning County Health Department; Ed Goist, Animal Charity; and Mohammed Chowdhury, Joint Solid Waste Management District. The Faculty Forum also cosponsored "East and West Communication: Prospects for the Future" presented by Guan Shijie, Peking University, Beijing.

The Albert J. Shipka Speakers Series of Philosophy and Religious Studies included Dr. Richard Tarnas, California Institute of Integral Studies, "The Western Mind at the Threshold" and Dr. Harvey Cox, Harvard University, "Religion and Politics in the 21st Century."

Ward Beecher Planetarium/Department of Geology, sponsored public lectures by Marilyn Lindstrom, curator of the U.S. Antarctic Meteorite Processing Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Houston; Ralph Harvey, Case Western Reserve University, Geology Department, field team leader of the Antarctic Search for Meteorites project; and Douglas Ming of NASA's Johnson Space Center, scientist in the Earth Sciences and Solar System Exploration Division.

1.2 Collaborative Projects: Schools

1.2.1 Student Enrichment Events and Activities

Computer Science and Information Systems hosted the ACM Programming Contest for high school students on April 25, 1998.

The 20th YSU English Festival was attended by over 3,000 students, teachers, librarians, and parents from over 165 area schools. As part of the Festival's special 20th anniversary celebration, 5 award-winning authors for young adults (all previous Festival guest authors) were in attendance: Bruce Brooks, Sue Ellen Bridgers, Chris Crutcher, Robert Cormier, and M. E. Kerr.

The 23rd annual History Day, the topic of which was Migration in History, was attended by over 550 students from area schools. The Department of Geography, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society, and the Buckeye Review offered special prizes. Winners at the state level included "Tomatoes for Apples," Niles Edison Junior High (1st place), "Suburbanization," Woodrow Wilson HS (2nd place), and "A New Beginning," Holy Family School (3rd place).

Over 400 students in grades 5-12 entered the Lake-to-River Science Fair, directed by Jeff Dick, Geology. Public, private, and parochial schools from Columbiana, Mahoning, Trumbull and Ashtabula counties were represented. Serving as judges were YSU faculty from the sciences.

Mathematics & Statistics sponsored regional 24 Challenge competitions for students in grades 4-8 from Mahoning, Trumbull, Mercer and Lawrence Counties. The 40 best students from each of the county competitions competed in the YSU Regional 24 Challenge Tournament. Over 6,000 students participated in the program directed by Nathan Ritchey with 600 students competing in county tournaments.

J. Douglas Faires, Mathematics and Statistics, and Tom Reardon, Austintown Fitch High School, organized a sequence of Saturday workshops from October through February to help regional high school students prepare for the American High School Mathematics Exam. These workshops were staffed by YSU mathematics faculty including Tom Smotzer, John Holcomb and Dave Pollack, local area school teachers and Mathematics students at YSU.

The Tenth Annual YSU Regional High School Model UN was attended by 300 high school students who gathered to debate the leading international issues of the day.

The Ohio Governor's Institute for Gifted and Talented Students, codirected by Nathan Ritchey, Mathematics, is in its 13th year at YSU. John White, Sociology and Anthropology, directed over 100 10th and 11th graders from northeastern Ohio in 3 weeks of archaeological excavations at the Brownlee Home site in Coitsville, Ohio. Other A&S faculty teachers were Virginia Phillips, Computer Science & Information Systems, Daryl Mincey and Jim Mike, Chemistry, David Porter, Political Science, Sharon Shanks and Gregg Sturrus, Physics & Astronomy, and Sarah Brown-Clark, Black Studies.

Over 300 students from 28 schools participated in the Physics Olympics at YSU, coordinated by

Stephen Hanzely and Richard Zitto, Physics & Astronomy.

The 60th annual Press Day, directed by W. Dale Harrison, English, in cooperation with The Jambar and the Tri-County Journalism Association, brought 750 students from 35 high schools from Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania to YSU for a day-long program of 41 sessions on journalism, which included topics from ethics and new technologies to producing newspapers, yearbooks and literary magazines. More than 200 awards were presented for excellence in high school journalism. This year's theme was "Journalists and Justice" and featured Tony Mauro, who covers the United States Supreme Court for USA Today. Nearly 30 YSU faculty acted as judges, coordinators and speakers for the event, cosponsored by the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Fine and Performing Arts and Departments of English and Communication and Theater.

Attendance at curriculum-based Ward Beecher Planetarium programs by public school children totaled approximately 6,500, an increase in the number of 6th, 8th, and senior high students due to the popularity of Destination: Mars! and the addition of content-based segments. In collaboration with the Department of Geology, the Planetarium provided simulated Martian regolith and Destination: Mars! teachers' guides to 15 area schools that requested the material for hands-on classroom activities. Included in this number was a class of gifted middle school students whose program was given in collaboration with the Department of Geography.

1.2.2 Faculty in the Schools

Biological Sciences

David Asch

Judge, West Elementary Science Fair

Carl F. Chuey

Mentor, Austintown Middle Schools

Diana Fagan

Science Fair Advisor, Canfield School

Judge, St. Joseph School Science Fair

Mentor, Canfield Middle School

Paul C. Peterson

Judge, Science Fair, South Range High School

Courtenay Willis

Science Fair Advisor, Hudson High School

Judge, Ohio Academy of Science State Science Fair, Wesleyan College

Mentor, Minority Works Experience Program, YSU

Mark Womble

Science Fair Advisor, Austintown Fitch High School


Larry S. Curtin

Science fair judge, HFS Middle School

Renee L. Falconer

Presented "Chemistry is Magic", K & 2nd grades, Mohawk Elementary; 3rd grade, Laurel Elementary; 4th grade, New Wilmington Elementary.

Presented "Making Glue from Milk", Kindergarten, Mohawk Elementary.

Science Fair Judge, Holy Family Elementary

H.C. Mines School Career Day, chemistry careers, grades 4-6

Right to Read "Speaker Day" Feature Speaker, North Road Intermediate, Howland

Sherri Lovelace-Cameron

Demonstration at John White Elementary School.

Michael A. Serra Demonstrations at Bennet Elementary, Taft Elementary, and Serendipity Preschool


Rebecca Barnhouse

Presented Making Medieval Manuscripts, Austintown Fitch High School.

Presented Manuscripts and the Middle Ages, Girard High School.

Bege Bowers, Chuck Nelson, and Caroline Ben-Ari

Judged 1998 Manitoba, Canada, and Northeast Ohio Student Technical Writing Competition open to 10th-12th graders in two regions.

Sarah Brown-Clark

Judge, Golden Key National Honor Society Annual Literary Contest, May 1998.

William Greenway

Poetry workshop, 'Poems and Paintings,' for Mineral Ridge, Butler Institute, May 1998.

Judge, Tri-County Journalism Association Press Day Poetry Contest, 1998.

Judge, William Carlos Williams National Poetry Competition for NEOUCOM, 1998.

Judge, Poet Laureate Award, North Carolina Poetry Society, 1998.

Megan Isaac

"The Secrets of Silverstein: Poetry for Children" workshops presented at the Creative

Writing Conference, Columbiana High School, April 1997.

Spelling Bee Announcer, Reed Middle School, January 1998.

Environmental Studies

Alan M. Jacobs

Lectures on Environmental Problems With Household Waste and the Use of Solid-Waste Landfills, Boardman HS health classes (3 sections).


Thomas Maraffa

Taught 3 classes on geographic themes for 9th grade Canfield World Civilization classes.

Taught class on topographic maps for Salem City Schools gifted and talented students.


Raymond Beiersdorfer

Field trip leader - Geology of Mill Creek Park; Montessori School.

Jeffrey Dick

Presentation on Geology, Longcoy Elementary School, Kent, Ohio.

Science Day Promotion, Youngstown City Schools


Martha Pallante

Through her grant from the Ohio Program in the Humanities, she and history graduate students took historical documents from the Niles Firebrick Project to local schools: Austintown High School, Boardman High School, Niles Edison Jr. High, Lowellville Elementary and High Schools, Poland Middle School, and Washington Elementary School to demonstrate how to work with primary documents.

Mathematics & Statistics

Joseph Altinger

Presented "Problem Solving and Test Taking Techniques," Pincham Initiative, Wilson High School, East High School, and Choffin Career Center.

John Holcomb

2 workshops on probability and counting problems to Northside Junior High students preparing for the 8th grade MATHCOUNTS contest; the team finished 1st in the state.

Nathan Ritchey

Directed Summer Mathematics Camp with Sharon School District.

Physics & Astronomy

James Andrews; Edwin Bishop

Junior Mentorship Day, Poland Middle School

Shane Brower

Judge, Holy Family School Science Fair

William "Gregg" Sturrus

Presentation on simple machines and holograms, Robinwood Elementary Science Night.

Political Science

Keith Lepak

Presentation on Russian Novelists and Politics for AP/Honors, Austintown Fitch.

David Porter

Judged essay contest on land mines


Steven R. Flora

Presentation on Animal Learning to 1st and 2nd grades of South Pymatuning Elementary.

1.2.3 Teacher Enrichment Activities & Events

Biological Sciences

Carl F. Chuey

10th Brauninger Teaching Designs for Life, Boardman Township Park


Teresa M. Riley

“Hands-On in Economics for Elementary School Teachers,” a 3-session series of workshops presented separately to teachers from Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

“Topics in Economics for the Social Studies Curriculum,” a 2-session series for Mahoning County Board of Education Social Studies liaison teachers.

“A Review of Economic Education Activities in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties,” with Marie Pavlicko, annual meeting of Consumer and Economic Education Coordinators.

Developed small group activities that were used at the annual high school economics seminar sponsored by the Industrial Information Institute.

English department faculty Rebecca Barnhouse, Megan Isaac, Clyde Moneyhun, Tom McCracken, Virginia Monseau, Gail Okawa, Gary Salvner, Richard Shale, Stephanie Tingley teamed up with Youngstown City School teachers to work on incorporating literature, film, and technology in the school classroom over the past academic year as a part of the Youngstown Writing Partnership.

Foreign Languages & Literatures

John Sarkissian

Workshop for Advanced Placement Latin teachers, Livonia, Mich.


Bill Buckler

Led 2 12-week NSF-funded, American Meteorological Society-sponsored DataStreme Project courses for area K-12 teachers to become weather education resource teachers and to promote science, computers and the Internet in the classroom.


Bill Jenkins

"The Ku Klux Klan in the Mahoning Valley," Tri-County Social Studies Association.

Martha I. Pallante

NEOTA Day Mahoning County Teachers, Using Primary Sources in the Classroom.

Physics & Astronomy

James Andrews

Force, Motion and Light by Inquiry, Ohio Board of Regents Discovery Sustain program workshop for area science teachers.

Sharon Shanks and Richard Zitto

Physics Day Workshop at Geauga Lake for high school teachers and students.

William "Gregg" Sturrus

Optics in Physical Science Classes, Eisenhower Grant workshop.


Stephen A. Graf

"How to Develop, Produce and Use SAFMEDS in Education and Training," Orlando, FL (Association for Behavior Analysis Pre-convention Workshops)

Sociology and Anthropology

John White

Presented a workshop "Hands-On Archaeology" for NEOTA Day, Chaney High.

1.3 Publications on Teaching and Textbooks

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Pirko, Richard. 7 photographs, Geology of National Parks, 5th Edition by Ann Harris.